Either touch screen interface or simply using the Metro mode,
10 offers something new for everyone.  Upgrade to Windows
10, or stay with Windows 7.  Both products are packed with easy to
use tools to make the most of working on the web.
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Microsoft Windows 7 or 10
Microsoft Office Word 2016
Microsoft Office Outlook 2016
Don't be the last on your city block to get the best Office Suite by
Microsoft.  It's packed with great new features that will have you
completing all of your office tasks faster than ever before.  We
provide demos, full and half day classes, and IT level (Train the
Trainer) courses for support/help desk professionals.
Did you just do 5 things to that email in one click?  You must be using
Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 or 2016.  Many new features now
making working with email much more manageable.