Classroom Training
We view classroom training as an educational experience.  Our job is
to provide a real learning experience and to develop the skills and
knowledge of every participant.  To achieve this goal, we provide
customized training based on your needs and strive to measurably
enhance the skills of every participant.

Our senior
technology trainer, Daniel Acosta, is very experienced
and has worked with diverse audiences across the county and the
globe.  He connects with the participants in a very honest, relaxed,
and personable manner, while at the same time training the
participants with the curriculum developed specifically for his

Exercises and class participation are cornerstones for an "Azure
Deskside/Floor Support
Our passion for teaching and providing the best curriculum possible
means we can deliver the exact training needs your firm requires.

We customized all of our curriculum to meet the unique needs of our
clients.  This involves determining the way your firms completes tasks
(attachments, redline or blackline documents, styles vs. direct
formatting) and taking this knowledge into the classroom.

We create a customized curriculum based on objectives and desired
outcomes.  In addition, we recommend classroom exercises and
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AZURE Training
Customized Curriculum
We provide on-site, "at your workstation" floor support.  We do this in a
friendly and constructive way.